Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung galaxy note 8 is currently available in the select markets in the US, after hands on testing the device myself, I can confidently say the Samsung galaxy is without a doubt Samsung’s best and most feature packed phone. But also, it is deemed to live up to a lot of expectations to make us forget the woes of last year’s Samsung galaxy note 7.

Some of the notable questions prospective buyers are asking is contended in the safety of the battery, and if it’s worth the sky-high price difference over the Samsung galaxy s8.
We finally have the answers to these questions. Samsung has upgraded their safety measures which entails meticulous testing and reducing the note 8’s battery size to avoid last year’s mistakes. Although we may have to wait for up to one month before we could truly ascertain if it’s totally safe.

One spectacular feature on the Samsung galaxy note 8 is the presence of a dual camera set up on its back. Practically, the second camera offers an extra shooting option and some more utility. As you zoom in when shooting videos or taking photos, the software will automatically switch to the longer lens to avoid a loss of resolution which results in better photos and videos with less noise.

From the inception of Samsung galaxy note phones it has been known for its remarkably big size and the note is very tall indeed at 162.5 mm which makes it notably taller than the LG V30(151.7mm), Note 5 (153.2 mm) and iPhone 8 plus (158.4 mm) – it is also wider and heavier as well.

The s-pen nestled within the galaxy phone is what gives rise to it being called note. The galaxy note 8 offers the best and the most capable s-pen to date. The new s-pen has a higher sensitivity of 4096 levels and a fantastic 0.7mm stylus tip for higher accuracy writing and drawing.

In par with the massive size the note 8s battery capacity is rather disappointing at 3300mah which is notably smaller than the galaxy s8+ and the controversial note 7. It is the same size as smaller phones like the LG G6 and One plus 5.
During testing we found out that the Samsung galaxy note 8 battery could get through a full day of pretty heavy usage. Getting upwards of 17hrs from a phone of just 3300mah is quite impressive but not excellent as the note series has always been known for its top-notch battery life.

Despite the notes majestic relevance as an android device I am still caught in-between if it’s worth the hefty price of about $900+, it is quite similar to the s8 plus and the single lens galaxy s8 which comes at a much cheaper price. The most obvious imperfection of the Samsung galaxy note 8 is the placement of the finger print reader off to the side of the two dual cameras. It is very inconvenient quite high and too off-centered.

  • 10/10
    Design - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Battery Life - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Performance - 10/10

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